Update Organization Settings in Dynamics CRM Using Powershell: Increase the Mobile Tab and Field Count

Suppose the information you want available on the Dynamics CRM Mobile App is not sufficient with the limits Microsoft has set and you want to increase these limits. Fret not because you can do so.

Increase the Mobile Tab and Field Count

Increasing the Mobile Tab and Field count would mean editing the organization settings of your Dynamics CRM Instance.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Download the OrgDBOrgSettingsTool. Yes, this is for 2013 but as of writing it still works for Dynamics CRM 2016 Online.

Also, make sure you have the following Microsoft Windows Features turned on:

Windows Identity Foundation 3.5

.NET Framework 4.5

  1. Once you have downloaded the tool, install it. This will extract the tool and its contents.
  2. Next, open Powershell and traverse to the location on which you extracted the tool.
  3. There you will find the configuration file Crm.SE.OrgDBOrgSettingsTool.exe.config.
  4. Edit the contents of the file as follows. (Note that for this example, I am using Dynamics CRM Online 2016.)

update organization settings using powershell - encoding utf-8



  • OrgDBOrgSettingsTool_CrmDiscoveryService_CrmDiscoveryService
    • This is your Discovery Service from Settings -> Customizations -> Developer Resources.
  • OrgDBOrgSettingsTool_SKU
    • Possible Values are Online/Office365/SPLA/OnPrem.
    • For this example, I used Office365 as per by subscription.
  • OrgDBOrgSettingsTool_UserName
    • Your username. In this case, my Office365 account.
  • OrgDBOrgSettingsTool_OrgServiceUri
    • This is your Organization Service from Settings > Customizations > Developer Resources.
  • OrgDBOrgSettingsTool_Partner
    • This is under the Server Authentication again in the Developer Resources.
  1. Once you have configured the above fields, run the OrgDBOrgSettingsTool application in Powershell using the command below.

./Microsoft.Crm.SE.OrgDBSettingsTool.exe Update /u <Organization Unique Name> <Setting Name> <Value>


./Microsoft.Crm.SE.OrgDBOrgSettingsTool.exe Update /u orga698c6 TabletClientMaxFields 90

./Microsoft.Crm.SE.OrgDBOrgSettingsTool.exe Update /u orga698c6 TabletClientMaxTabs 50

./Microsoft.Crm.SE.OrgDBOrgSettingsToo.exe Update /u orga698c6 TabletClientMaxLists 50


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