Web Resource Best Practice – Organize Web Resources in Dynamics CRM

Web Resources Best Practice – Organize Web Resources in Dynamics CRM

It is a best practice to have your files organized, be it in a physical directory in your local machine or uploaded in Dynamics CRM as a web resource.

Note that this is optional and does not directly impact the performance of your Dynamics CRM instance.


To organize web resources, all you have to do is add a forward slash ( / ) on the name. But before you do this, make sure you have a clear hierarchy of the resources that you will create.

In most cases, I do the hierarchy below.

organize web resources hierarchy


Basically, I divide all web resources into main categories (like their type), then I categorize them further per entity.

So to create this hierarchy in Dynamics CRM, add a forward slash to the name following the hierarchy you want, similar in the image below.

web rersources


To view the organization you created, you can try viewing your web resources in the XRM Toolbox’s Web Resources Manager.

web resources manager


Load the Web resources.

load the web resources


Upon loading, you’ll now see your web resources organized.

web resources organized


By default, if you do not apply this best practice, all your web resources will be under the WebResource branch. Having your resources organized definitely will help you in the long run if you have a multitude of them. This makes them easier to see, locate, and ultimately maintain using the Web Resources Manager in XRM Toolbox.


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